- Life -

Lara was born near the sea and it’s best to describe her personality as one of nature, air and life.  
 She has been involved with music from her childhood and it is a part of her life in every detail.

- Music -

As a radio presenter and DJ, Lara is the co-host of The Presents Show, which is aired on FM radio, digital TV and digital online radio via Zen FM from Gent in Belgium. She also presents once a month a unique show on the radio station Soundportal in Austria, supporting some of the most groundbreaking music from around the world.


- Passion -

To her close friends and those who know her, Lara is fascinated with food and cooking from around the world. She is always cooking for her family and friends and her food creations are as colourful as the person she is. 

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Lara’s Blog

Lara continuously updates her blog and you can read about what is happening in Lara world by clicking the image.